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Learning to drive is a great challange that many people choose
to do each year.

Finding the right Instructor can be tough!

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Student Feedback

Contributed by Kyle, Age 23student

I found Andrew to be a very good tutor. I thought the transition from riding to driving would be difficult, but Andrew quickly ironed out my bad habits i gained from riding, taught me to drive safely and sensibly.

Contributed by Emma Age 25student picture

Andrew is a brilliant teacher and made me feel comfortable from the first time i sat in his car. I was on His books for quite a while but with his support and patience and excellent teaching skills,

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LDC Driving Instruction Lessons. Why Andrew Sharpe?

No two people are the same and so the way I deliver each course changes to suit the individual.

t's important that you get on with your instructor, so I normally suggest you have a one hour lesson to make sure you're happy; after all you will learn faster if you enjoy your lessons.

Below are some useful questions to ask when selecting a Driving Instructor. Whether you decide to choose me or not, I hope the information found here is helpful to you.

Are you a fully qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor)?
Trainee driving instructors can operate under a Training License for 6 months before qualifying. This does not mean that the training given is not as good as a fully qualified Instructor but this may be a factor in making your choice.A fully qualified ADI will carry this badge:
adi badge
Have they an "ORDIT" rating?
ORDIT (the Official Register of Driving Instructor Training) was set up by the Driving Standards Agency. ORDIT was set up to protect the public from sub-standard driving instructor training by setting a 'minimum' standard of competencies for driving instructor training providers. Each Driving Instructor is required to take a check test within 6 months of qualifying as an instructor and every four years thereafter. The score they get will range from 1 (very poor) to 6 (very good). I was very pleased to score 4 on my first test.
ordit badge
What materials (i.e. books, DVD) do they supply to support their tuition?
LDC Instructors supply a range of products depending on the type of course booked. This means less of your valuable time is spent at the side of the road talking about driving and more spent gaining that precious practical experience.
Can they offer "Pass Plus"?
PASS PLUS is a training scheme for new drivers. It's much more than just a few extra lessons. This specially designed course by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), with the support of both insurers and the driving instruction industry, will help you:
  • Safely gain valuable driving experience.
  • Build on your existing skills and knowledge.
  • Reduce your risk of being in a road crash.
  • Save money on car insurance premiums.
  • Boost your confidence
This is a 6 hour course arranged at your convenience. There is no test at the end of the sessions but there will be one safer and more confident driver on the road.

Perhaps you have a question which isn't answered above? No problem.

andrew and his driving instructor car