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Learning to drive is a great challange that many people choose
to do each year.

Finding the right Instructor can be tough!

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Student Feedback

Contributed by Kyle, Age 23student

I found Andrew to be a very good tutor. I thought the transition from riding to driving would be difficult, but Andrew quickly ironed out my bad habits i gained from riding, taught me to drive safely and sensibly.

Contributed by Emma Age 25student picture

Andrew is a brilliant teacher and made me feel comfortable from the first time i sat in his car. I was on His books for quite a while but with his support and patience and excellent teaching skills,

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Welcome to andrew sharpeDriving instructor Training.

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Thinking of becoming a driving Instructor

Did you know any qualified Driving Instructor can train someone to become an instructor. So why did I Take the ORDIT exams to Train PDI's for part 1 and part 2 Simply because I wanted to give my student the best training I could.

How do I become a qualified Instructor, How do I become a qualified Instructor.

  1. Part 1 Is the Theory exam. You will need a good in depth knowledge off the Highway Code.
  2. APart 2 Is the Driving Test. This could be viewed as an advanced driving test. Its important that your driving ability is off a very high level. This means unlearning those bad habits you may have picked up over the years
  3. RPart 3 This is a test off your teaching ability. Off the three exams this is usually considered the hardest as there may be a lot off new skills to learn .

What I Offer

I offer lessons on an ad-hock basis so if you just want a couple off lessen with a different Instructor there is no problem these lessons are £30 for Part 2 and £35 for Part3

The full course offers 10 hours off Part 2 training and 30 hours off part 3 training together with supporting literature and DVD's. This costs £1,500. If additional lessons are required they will be charged at the rate shown above.

If you interested or just want to find out more call me on 07976 620025. If it goes straight to answer phone please leave a message as I am probably teaching. I will get back to you as soon as I am free. Alternatively e-mail me

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Finding the right Driving Instructor isn't easy. How will you make the right choice?

Find out what should you expect from your Driving Instructor?

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